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Foreign Policy is an American news publication, founded in 1970 and focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy. It produces content daily on its website, and in six print issues annually. Foreign Policy magazine and are published by The FP Group, a division of Graham Holdings Company (formerly The Washington Post Company). The FP Group also produces FP Events, Foreign Policy's events division, launched in 2012.



MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 22 April 2024 English

Second, India sought to reconcile the divergent positions of the two Superpower blocs in the Council.6 Moreover, India proposed the formation of the Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission (NNRC) and later …

10 | RAJEESH KUMAR driven by their broader foreign policy objectives, influencing their respective contributions outlines four phases that explain how Chinese foreign policy has evolved over time. Phase 1 (1950-1971) However, concerns remain about its military and foreign policy intentions. To address this, Chinese leaders in Africa underscores the country’s evolving foreign policy and its continued dedication to the cause of in Africa reflects a dynamic aspect of its foreign policy, with troop and resource contributions underscoring

LSE: London School of Economics and Political Science · 22 April 2024 English

economic sanctions on Iran and tackle its proxies, like the Houthis. But at the same time, British foreign policy should not forget the bigger threat to its security: Russia’s potential victory in … Continued

the Houthis. But at the same time, British foreign policy should not forget the bigger threat to its

ICRIER: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations · 22 April 2024

2 The country has the potential to elevate its export of goods from the current approximate level of USD 450 billion to an impressive USD 1 trillion by 2030, positioning …

challenges, aligned with its economic growth and foreign policy goals. 5 Indian Council for Research on International

National Farmers' Federation · 19 April 2024 English

Indeed, the vast majority of individual submissions to this Review have highlighted both the role that mobile coverage plays in the economic productivity and social wellbeing of regional consumers, and …

represents Australian agriculture on national and foreign policy issues including workplace relations, trade

CCEIA: Cyprus Center for Department of European Studies and International Relations · 19 April 2024 English

The Cypriot Factor in the Region The Cyprus question and the ongoing occupation of the northern portion8 has been treated as a peripheral issue, a one-time only provocation by a, …

Dimitrios Foti Abstract Since the 1970s, Turkish foreign policy has adopted a confrontational posture towards Alexander, The Strategic Depth Doctrine of Turkish Foreign Policy (2006) Middle Eastern Studies 42, no. 6, 945–64 tangible change in the main cores of Turkish Foreign policy or its documented gunboat diplomacy inconsistent urkey-over- island-dispute-with-greece/ 46 Foreign Policy, Why Turkey Took Its Time on Sweden, Silverman com/2024/01/28/turkey-sweden-nato-erdogan-foreign- policy-history-us-europe-west/ 47 Yeni Savak, Sarac

Individual Contributors to Policy Commons · 19 April 2024 English

Last Friday saw a potentially significant piece of Brexit news with the joint statement of the first meeting in its current format of political leaders from the UK, EU, Spain …

will be committed to ‘progressive realism’ in foreign policy, including relations with the EU, then what

PCNS: Policy Center for the New South · 19 April 2024 English

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the French Review Commentaire and Knight of the Legion of Honor. [...] Under the direct supervision of Professor Abdelaziz Aitali, the …

Annex 1: contribution of the report Making U.S. Foreign Policy Work Better for the Middle Class (Carnegie research program on foreign policy and national security. Named Making Foreign Policy Work Better for the affect the Administration’s ability to conduct foreign policy in a consistent way. 12 Dominique Bocquet One Democracy Restore Trust Ensure Adequacy of U.S. Foreign Policy Means to Achieve Intermediate Objectives • expectations. • Means to ensure adequacy of U.S. foreign policy: encompass effects on domestic economy and

CEIP: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace · 18 April 2024 English

institutions must address this challenge to safeguard democracy in the EU and ensure a more effective foreign policy.

Charting the Radical Right’s Influence on EU Foreign Policy Rosa Balfour and Stefan Lehne, editors Merili Charting the Radical Right’s Influence on EU Foreign Policy Rosa Balfour and Stefan Lehne, editors Merili Positions on Foreign Policy vii INTRODUCTION The European Radical Right and Foreign Policy 1 Rosa Balfour Finland: A Radicalization of Views, a Broadening Foreign Policy Palette 41 Tuomas Iso-Markku and Timo R. Alarmism 79 Koen Vossen CHAPTER 10 Poland: A Foreign Policy of Chaotic Hypocrisy in 2015–2023 85 Wojciech

OSW: Centre for Eastern Studies · 18 April 2024 English

integration with the EU still constitutes the framework within which Turkey’s domestic situation and foreign policy are assessed. [...] These differences can be attri- buted to the following factors: - Turkey’s

within which Turkey’s domestic situation and foreign policy are assessed. One example is the Commission’s situation and in bilateral relations emerged as foreign policy are assessed. a  result of two developments conditions in the fight against corruption. Turkey’s foreign policy remains the fundamental problem in EU-Turkey approaches to democracy, the rule of law and foreign policy. This aligns with the mood of the EU’s elites accusations against the EU also concern its foreign policy. Turkey blamed the EU for blocking existing

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 18 April 2024 English

Thus, Influence Operations refer to the use of non-military means of psychological, technological, economic and political influence and subversion to undermine the security and governance of a targeted country. [...] …

promoting the national interest and advancing its foreign policy goals.”12 11 W. H. D. Winder, “Undue Influence maximization.144 They are very effective in directing foreign policy of states, including that of the most powerful

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