Geomorphology (from Ancient Greek: γῆ, gê, "earth"; μορφή, morphḗ, "form"; and λόγος, lógos, "study") is the scientific study of the origin and evolution of topographic and bathymetric features created by physical, chemical or biological processes operating at or near the Earth's surface. Geomorphologists seek to understand why landscapes look the way they do, to understand landform and terrain history and dynamics and to predict changes through a combination of field observations, physical experiments and numerical modeling. Geomorphologists work within disciplines such as physical geography, geology, geodesy, engineering geology, archaeology, climatology and geotechnical engineering. This broad base of interests contributes to …



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As such, the resolve within the 2030 agenda to “free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet” will be realized …

geographical setting, including a site’s topography, geomorphology, hydrology and natural features. It also includes

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There is no doubt that land cover and climate changes have consequences on landslide activity, but it is still an open issue to assess and quantify their impacts. Wanzhou County …

scape. The combination of such susceptible geomorphology and seasonal rainfall may be the reason why climate change on landslide activity: A review. Geomorphology 124, 260–267. j.geomorph response to climate change in permafrost regions. Geomorphology 340, 116–128. j.geomorph explored with spatio-temporal information. Geomorphology 290, 250–264. slope stability in high Andean watersheds. Geomorphology 52, 299–315. https://doi. org/10.1016/S0169-555X(02)00263-5

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soil, agricultural suitability, geology and geomorphology, the proximity of aquifers and watercourses

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Shifting cultivation will face increasing pressure from erosion-related land degradation caused by rising cultivation intensities and climate change. However, empirical knowledge about future trends of soil erosion and thus land …

montane mainland Southeast Asia: Hydrology and geomorphology. Human Ecology, 37, 361–373. https://

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School building projects in Iraq have been and continue to suffer from a significant shortfall in numbers in comparison to an increase in the numbers of students and the inequitable …

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Map 1.2: Geomorphology of Iraq . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I. and Abbas. M.J, Baghdad 352p. MAP 1.2: GEOMORPHOLOGY OF IRAQ Source: MOED. Iraq. 2021 10 11 Iraq

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as well as Anatolia’s complex topography and geomorphology. These geographical features account for a

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We evaluate whether floods and landslides are more likely when rain falls inside versus outside protected areas (PAs). We use monthly municipality data for the period 2000-2015 in Guatemala and …

strongly as a function of forest type and age, geomorphology, shape of the catchment and soil conditions

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To reconstruct past climate conditions from speleothems, palaeoclimate researchers utilize a variety of advanced but expensive methods, including various stable isotope ratios and trace element analyses. Greyscale changes can be …

water geochemistry. In Perspectives on Karst Geomorphology, Hydrology, and Geochemistry – A Tribute Volume

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Transforming our river basins where they operate; and corporations and financial institutions to tackle water challenges, implement and adhere approach to managing water and freshwater ecosystems is the key ● …

Egg Biology, Life History, Hydrology, and Geomorphology 2022,

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Rewilding and farming

another (succession); disturbance; hydrology; geomorphology; and the movement (fluxes) of nutrients in the

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