Know-how (or knowhow, or procedural knowledge) is a term for practical knowledge on how to accomplish something, as opposed to "know-what" (facts), "know-why" (science), or "know-who" (communication). It is also often referred to as street smarts (sometimes conceived as opposed to book smarts), and a person employing their street smarts as street wise. Know-how is often tacit knowledge, which means that it can be difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalising it. The opposite of tacit knowledge is explicit knowledge.

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WRI · 10 December 2021 English

This paper discusses how the Latin American and Caribbean region is on the verge of a transition from experimenting with nature-based solutions (NBS) to adopting it on a much wider scale that can transform

NBS value or may lack the knowledge, tools, and know-how they need (Watkins et al. 2019; Browder et al of knowledge, tools, replicable examples, and know-how (Watkins et al. 2019; Browder et al. 2019). While

WRI · 10 December 2021 English

This paper aims to connect unmet nature-based solutions (NBS) investment needs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with new financial resources. It highlights five strategies that leverage private capital …

require develop- ment demand, urban planning, staff know-how to properly design and value policies, and staff

ADL · 6 December 2021 English

Close-up of Twitter’s timeline feature, showing the August 2020 launch of its Transparency Center Twitter’s timeline feature (the way to see past transparency reports) is more navigable, yet the link …

content, and the like. Without context, it’s hard to know how to interpret these numbers. Twitter doesn’t report

MP-IDSA · 30 November 2021 English

Though rightfully an oxymoron (since the use of the word ‘military’ construes the use of ‘force’ to settle differences, while ‘diplomacy’ means the exact opposite), the term and its practice …

to repairs, assistance in the form of technical know-how, labour and associated financial assistance could

Cato Institute · 24 November 2021

for granted, but immigrants from China, Haiti, Syria, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world know how rare it is.Equality. For most of history people were firmly assigned to a particular status — clergy

ECPAT · 24 November 2021 English

In 2021, official data among other things, the resignation of a president, shows that 66.7% of children not in school from the a closure of the parliament and a presidential …

SEXUAL authorities and 52% of the teachers did not know how to reply.86 The study also included a survey PURPOSES professionals working closely with children often do not know how to face or recognise situations of online child

ECPAT · 18 November 2021 English

In recent years, important achievements have been made in the areas of prevention, legislative protection, child participation and research, as well as collaboration with private companies in the travel and …

difficult, particularly as children simply do not know how and where to start. The important role that schools not know of any children, and 31% (n=29) did not know how to answer the question. Figure 11: Based on your situation... and for the same reason they do not know how to get out or where to ask for support.” (VoS-MX-03) did not take their cases seriously or did not know how to deal with cases of child sexual exploitation

Cato Institute · 15 November 2021

reports CNN. Why?Conglomerates are big and unwieldy. Wall Street hates them, because it doesn’t know how to value them properly. CEOs and corporate boards are finally getting the message: Nimble is the

ECPAT · 15 November 2021 English

From top to bottom: There is a culture of silence and shame around the sexual exploitation of boys in Sri Lanka; sexual violence occurs in school contexts for both girls …

others who are not helpful... as an they did not know how to start the conversation, individual without

World Bank Group · 11 November 2021 English

it brings specific and critical experience and know- how that allow the bidder to meet the qualification

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