Maldivians (Dhivehi pronunciation: [d̪iˈʋehiŋ]; ދިވެހިން, dhivehin), are a nation and Indo-Aryan ethnic group native to the historic region of the Maldive Islands comprising what is now the Republic of Maldives and the island of Minicoy in Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India. All Maldivians share the same culture and speak the Maldivian language which is a member of the southern group of Indo-Aryan languages. For ethnographic and linguistic purposes as well as geo-political reasons, anthropologists divide the Maldivian people into 3 subgroups.



IMF: International Monetary Fund · 13 May 2024 English

Despite headwinds from the war in Ukraine, the Maldives’ economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has shown resilience. The cyclical rebound and still favorable economic outlook provide an opportunity for …

MMA, through banks, provides FX allocations to Maldivians traveling abroad for medical and education purposes

World Bank Group · 8 May 2024 English

The Maldives experienced a slowdown in economic growth in 2023, despite an increase in tourist arrivals. The GDP growth rate was 4.0 percent, well below the pre-pandemic trend. The increase …

or training) is 19 (23) percent among young Maldivians aged 15 to 24 (aged 18 to 35), but higher among monitored. Overall unemployment is low among Maldivians, at about 3 percent of the working-age population commitment and effective communication with all Maldivians. The reform plan also needs to be accompanied

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 5 April 2024 English

Introduction In 2008, the Maldives elected its first president under the multiparty electoral system, making the country the youngest democracy in South Asia. A new president has been voted to …

and healthcare from the country cheaper for Maldivians than from other countries. Exim loans from China

UN: The United Nations · 5 March 2024 English

33 p.

against them. Currently, there are three cases of Maldivians involved in overseas distribution of pornographic

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 27 February 2024 English

A surgical team of 27 medics provided assistance to the injured at the civil hospital at Malé and took charge of the hospital in the absence of the superintendent of …

the mission, as well as bringing the injured Maldivians to India for treatment. Operation Cactus was November. Apart from this, the IAF airlifted injured Maldivians to Trivandrum for medical assistance. An air

The Asia Foundation · 20 February 2024 English

Over the last few years, this number has increased with the ratification of the former Associations Act and its amendment and the incorporation of CSOs as implementing partners in the …

standards the Act outlines, including nominating Maldivians for the top two executive committee posts and

World Bank Group · 15 February 2024 English

Maldives' past development path has led to significant improvements in physical capital (infrastructure and related services), and human capital (such as health and education). Over recent decades, the Maldives has …

that are comparable to the average income of Maldivians Figure 32. Tuna fishers earn more than reef 190 193 195 195 199 199 207 208 219 Figure 67. Maldivians use rainwater, water from desalinated sources

UN DESA: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs · 14 February 2024 English

The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations …

to resident population which includes resident Maldivians and resident foreigners. 96 The total for the

NIPoRe: Nepal Institute for Policy Research · 30 January 2024 English

A press statement from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs read, “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has carefully monitored the recent events in the Gaza Strip and considers the occurrence of such …

General Assembly resolutions. A large crowd of Maldivians gathered in the capital to show solidarity towards

World Bank Group · 22 January 2024 English

This report is undertaken as a part of the Human Capital Project (HCP), a globalinitiative of the World Bank Group that aims to increase governments’ awarenessof the importance of investing …

percentage points of its potential productivity when Maldivians reach the labor market. At the individual and poverty reduction and better living standards for Maldivians. However, financing these large investments This suggests that more than 63 percent of Maldivians’ potential human capital is unrealized due to when employment levels are factored in, female Maldivians lose more than 20 percent more in human capital poverty rate is 5.4 percent. About 10 percent of Maldivians in the atolls are poor, compared to less than

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