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National security or national defence is the security and defence of a nation state, including its citizens, economy, and institutions, which is regarded as a duty of government. Originally conceived as protection against military attack, national security is now widely understood to include also non-military dimensions, including the security from terrorism, minimisation of crime, economic security, energy security, environmental security, food security, cyber-security etc. Similarly, national security risks include, in addition to the actions of other nation states, action by violent non-state actors, by narcotic cartels, and by multinational corporations, and also the effects of natural disasters. Governments rely on …



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7 was made clear long ago that this whole set of arguments is highly misleading – about the nature of the British state, about the politics of technology, and even …

Prime Minister’s G7 & G20 Sherpa and Deputy National Security Advisor, is this year’s Heywood Fellow, leading the interface of economic prosperity and national security. The Fellowship has been a collaboration between 35489/BSG-WP_2023/056 2 Executive summary The idea that national security and economic prosperity stem from being at industrial strategy in an integrated way, across national security, economics, and foreign policy, with a policymaking posits a dichotomy between resilience and national security on the one hand and openness and free markets

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Council briefing on the Israel-Hamas war, North Korea's nuclear program, and more. The post National Security at the United Nations This Week (Nov. 27-Dec. 1) appeared first on Just Security.

-united-nations-this-week-nov-27-dec-1/">National Security at the United Nations This Week (Nov. 27-Dec

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Landau; 5 The War in Iraq and International Terrorism, Yoram Schweitzer; 6 The Revolution in Military Affairs and the Operation in Iraq, Isaac Ben-Israel; 7 The Victory in Iraq and …

1991-2003, Ram Erez and Tamar Malz; The National Security Strategy of the United States of America; Shlomo Brom, ed. - Tel Aviv : Institute for National Security Studies, 2012. - 99 p. - (INSS Memorandum Ephraim Lavie. - Tel Aviv : Institute for National Security Studies, 2018. - 331 p. - ISBN 978-965-92659-7-8 settlement: towards a Palestinian doctrine of national security / Ahmad Samih Khalidi (22 p.); 14. Palestinian Paris, Gallimard, c2000 PM 1121 Jordanian national security and the future of Middle East stability /

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of the past year. AI may affect society in a number of areas besides the economy-including national security, politics, and culture. But in this article, we focus on the implications of AI on three broad

number of areas besides the economy—including national security, politics, and culture. But in this article

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Climate Change and Geopolitics in the Blue Pacific By Danielle Lynn Goh SYNOPSIS Climate change has consistently been articulated as the greatest threat to the region by the leaders of …

focused on boosting the Solomon Islands’ national security capacity, and cooperation on humanitarian

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Fragmentation of critical mineral markets would slow the shift to clean energy A scramble by competing powers to secure strategic minerals could add to price pressures and increase the costs …

subsidies, import restrictions based on national security and envi- ronmental concerns, and export controls

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In the battle against hunger, AI can help fewer farmers generate more food Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on food and agricultural production chains. The groundbreaking technology is …

food, care for our health, and preserve national security AI IN PRACTICE O n the ground and in the air healthcare to enhancing military capabilities and national security. The following real-life examples from around

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popular newspaper, Apple Daily, and threw him in jail, where he awaits trial on trumped up national security charges that could result in life imprisonment.

jail, where he awaits trial on trumped up national security charges that could result in life imprisonment

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Clearing the Fog: The Grey Zones of Space Governance 1 The term “grey zone” is used by militaries to of grey zones in outer space by better defining indicate the …

role of space capabilities for defence and national security. vi CIGI Papers No. 287 — November 2023 • avoid fragmented governance that military and national security contexts to refer would exacerbate rather provides intelligence collection to inform national security and defence decision making; and makes Yet example, the Chemical Weapons in relation to national security. But clarity is Convention also mandates rules countries/. National Intelligence. 2011. National Security Space Strategy (Unclassified Summary). January

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In the 1990s and through the early 2000s, malaria mortality rates and malaria incidence rose to their highest recorded levels, experienced most acutely in Africa. Yet during this period, global …

relief, stabilization, and development on the National Security Council staff at the White House, the evidence

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