Nigerians or the Nigerian people, are citizens of Nigeria or people with ancestry from Nigeria. Nigeria is composed of various ethnic groups and cultures and the term Nigerian refers to a citizenship-based civic nationality. Nigerians derive from over 250 ethnic groups and languages. Though there are multiple ethnic groups in Nigeria, economic factors result in significant mobility of Nigerians of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds to reside in territories in Nigeria that are outside their ethnic or religious background, resulting in the mixing of the various ethnic and religious groups, especially in Nigeria's cities. The English language is the lingua …



UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees · 13 June 2024 English

The Global Trends report provides key statistical trends on forced displacement. It includes the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, as well as the number …

Somalis, mainly in Ethiopia and Yemen, 48,100 Nigerians most commonly in Niger and Cameroon and 30,100

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Narratives help us understand the world. They shape our identities, our aspirations, and our sense of purpose. They can offer or preclude hope. We need narratives of America that are …

was never any differentiation between us as Nigerians and African Americans or Caribbeans. We lived

Cato Institute · 11 June 2024 English

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a source of deep concern among the public. That was made clear at last week's Oslo Freedom Forum. While the risk of governments abusing …

government created a cash shortage that pushed some Nigerians into the CBDC. Then‐ Central Bank of Nigeria governor Fadirepo noted, “It was the last straw [for many Nigerians.]” Yet, these stories are only the beginning.

World Bank Group · 10 June 2024 French

majoritairement Centrafricains (319 794) et Nigérians (118 195).  Situation sociale La part de la population

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After surviving years of abuse by Boko Haram and by Nigerian forces, reintegration support and justice remain elusive for girls associated, or perceived to be associated, with Boko Haram. Based …

voisinage a dénoncé l’appel, si bien que des soldats nigérians l’ont placée en détention à la prison de Bama genre. Veiller à ce que les services de sécurité nigérians se limitent à poser aux enfants quittant Boko

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Nigerian Constitution takes socio-economic rights of Nigerians into account. This Chapter includes the following image and identity of Nigeria, and for educating Nigerians on their civic responsibilities and obligations government policies and programs and educating Nigerians on their civic responsibilities and obligations

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was US$ 6,200 in 2021. Approximately 55% of Nigerians now live below the poverty line, with urban poverty UNESCO's 2022 survey indicates that about 60 million Nigerians are still illiterate, accounting for 28.6% of land for the common good and benefits of all Nigerians. The law makes it lawful for the Governor to

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National workers Refers to the workforce that are Nigerians across all levels: FPMU, SPIU, Design firm, contractor

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L'objectif de ce rapport est d'informer les autorités de la République du Bénin, les groupes deréflexion, les chercheurs et les universitaires, ainsi que le public en général, de l'état de …

d’étranglement qui subsistent dans les ports nigérians et les réformes en cours visant à accélérer le le Nigeria (i.e., la capacité des importateurs nigérians à dédouaner leurs marchandises au port de Cotonou) notamment la possibilité pour les importateurs nigérians de dédouaner leurs marchandises au port de Cotonou

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A median of about two-thirds of adults (64%) rate their country’s economic situation poorly.

(by 14 and 8 percentage points, respectively). Nigerians, who have seen their economy slip from the largest

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