Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict (such as war) and freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups. Throughout history leaders have used peacemaking and diplomacy to establish a certain type of behavioral restraint that has resulted in the establishment of regional peace or economic growth through various forms of agreements or peace treaties. Such behavioral restraint has often resulted in the reduction of conflicts, greater economic interactivity, and consequently substantial prosperity. "Psychological peace" (such …



UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme · 11 December 2023 English

The Montreal Protocol Pavilion at COP28 will offer a platform for the Montreal Protocol and the cooling community to enhance their visibility and promote climate action. The Ozone to Cool …

Sunday 3 December - Health / Relief, Recovery, and Peace 09:30 - 10:30 | IIR: Sustainable refrigeration practices

Resolution Foundation · 4 December 2023 English

The final report of The Economy 2030 Inquiry The UK has great strengths, but is a decade and a half into a period of stagnation. The toxic combination of slow …

around 100 per cent of GDP – an unprecedented peace-time rise. The lesson of those shocks is that both

CGD: Center for Global Development · 4 December 2023 English

On climate cooperation, the agreement reaffirms the 2021 Pacific Island Forum statement in emphasising Tuvaluans’ right and desire to continue to live in their own territory, and Tuvalu’s enduring statehood …


CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 4 December 2023

In the next 72 hours, dissatisfied with the progress of the rescue operation and the continuous accumulation of falling debris, to expedite the process, NHIDCL requested for multiple drilling equipment, …

sovereign airspace of our country, both during peace and war, has always moved in swiftly to the service

COP28: COP28 UAE (Climate) · 3 December 2023 English

The COP28 Declaration on Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace was formally launched at the Dubai summit on Sunday 3rd December. The document, passed by 70 governments and 39 international organizations

RELIEF, RECOVERY AND PEACE COP28 DECLARATION ON CLIMATE, RELIEF, RECOVERY AND PEACE We, governments, international climate, environment, development, humanitarian, and peace sectors, as identified below. On the occasion of Agreement, as well as the first Relief, Recovery and Peace Day at a COP, call for bolder collective action development, conflict prevention and inclusive peace building, Taking note of and supporting critically for Sustaining Peace (CRSP), the UN Climate Security Mechanism, the Climate for Peace Initiative, and

SSEE: Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment · 3 December 2023 English

These figures likely underestimate the cost difference between the two approaches because they suppose that the costs for all types of CCS facility are at the very lowest end of …

2015.08.004. (47) Black, R. et al. Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk; SIPRI, 2022. https://www org/publications/2022/policy-reports/environment-peace-security-new-era-risk (accessed 2023-11-20). (48)

ISW: Institute for the Study of War · 1 December 2023 English

Russian Railways and the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office stated that a freight train caught fire in the Severomuysky Tunnel on the Itykit- Okusikan section of the East Siberian Railway …

of respondents believed that Russia should begin peace negotiations whereas 38 percent favored continuing

MEI: Middle East Institute · 1 December 2023 English

What would it take to start a new Israeli-Palestinian peace process that could actually have the prospect for enduring success? How and when will it be possible to bring the two sides to the negotiating sustainable resolution to the conflict. [...] The trip was aimed at laying the groundwork for Europe’s peace initiative (Spain and Belgium hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU until the end of this year

the Middle East peace process Expert Views: How do we restart the Middle East peace process? Randa Slim that caution proved astute and underscored that peace remains a distant prospect for now. Nevertheless — even as the war rages on — about what a final peace settlement should look like and how to get there would it take to start a new Israeli-Palestinian peace process that could actually have the prospect for between Israelis and Palestinians on a final status peace deal. Such a negotiations process has not existed

ACAPS · 1 December 2023 English

• Out of the 23 decrees and directives, 6 directly affected the modalities of the humanitarian response in the education and health sectors. [...] • Fourteen of the decrees and … https://www Thematic

United Nations Security Council · 1 December 2023 English

30 October 2023 TENTATIVE FORECAST OF THE PROGRAMME OF WORK OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2023 For information only/not an official document This tentative forecast of …

meaningful participation of women at all levels of peace and political processes, and in all social and economic org/en/S/RES/2579(2021) Peace and security in Africa: SG to report to SC on activities comprehensive National Dialogue conference, and the Peace and National Partnership Agreement and its security Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the annexes thereto (collectively the Peace Agreement, will have the main peace stabilization role under the military aspects of the Peace Agreement; The mandate

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