Rail transport (also known as train transport) is a means of transferring passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, which are located on tracks. In contrast to road transport, where the vehicles run on a prepared flat surface, rail vehicles (rolling stock) are directionally guided by the tracks on which they run. Tracks usually consist of steel rails, installed on sleepers (ties) set in ballast, on which the rolling stock, usually fitted with metal wheels, moves. Other variations are also possible, such as "slab track", in which the rails are fastened to a concrete foundation resting on a …



CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 4 December 2023

In the next 72 hours, dissatisfied with the progress of the rescue operation and the continuous accumulation of falling debris, to expedite the process, NHIDCL requested for multiple drilling equipment, …

“Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse: How Indian Air Force and Railways came together for speedy rescue of trapped workers” Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse: How Indian Air Force and Railways came together for speedy rescue of trapped workers com/india/uttarakhand-tunnel-collapse-how-indian-air-force-and-railways-came-together-for-speedy-rescue-of-trapped-workers-2358495 com/india/uttarakhand-tunnel-collapse-how-indian-air-force-and-railways-came-together-for-speedy-rescue-of-trapped-workers-2358495

ISW: Institute for the Study of War · 1 December 2023 English

Russian Railways and the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office stated that a freight train caught fire in the Severomuysky Tunnel on the Itykit- Okusikan section of the East Siberian Railway in the the Republic of Buryatia on the night of November 29.[39] Russian Railways stated that the fire did not interrupt train traffic, but Russian opposition outlet Baza stated that 10 trains were delayed.[

and China on the night of November 29. Russian Railways and the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office Buryatia on the night of November 29.[39] Russian Railways stated that the fire did not interrupt train traffic

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 1 December 2023 English

This paper explores the impact of at-the-border and behind-the-border measures on intraregional trade in perishable goods within the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation region.It presents empirical evidence that behind-the-border measures …

underdeveloped transport infrastructure, including roads, railways, and cold chain facilities. Inadequate infrastructure

Brookings Institution · 30 November 2023 English

Climate change requires concerted action at global, regional, and country levels. Global action is guided by the Paris Agreement, while country-level action is pursued under national climate strategies, adaptation plans, …

transport investments (e.g., electrification of railways) and regulation (e.g., vehicular emission standards)

ASI: Adam Smith Institute · 30 November 2023 English

According to the 2020 Energy White Paper, electricity demand could double by 2050. In order to meet these new requirements, and the government’s own ambition to have nuclear make up …

the house-building sector, the UK economy and railways. Since 1989, he has been an investment analyst

World Bank Group · 29 November 2023 English

This Climate Change and Development Report (CCDR) establishes the case for a new economic model to address Tunisia’s challenging economic and social context and vulnerability to climate change. Building on …

transportation network. Increased investment in railways would strengthen Tunisia’s transport network resilience connectivity with land transport, particularly railways. Resilience could be integrated into transport

White & Case · 29 November 2023

Evidence of this of technology, manufacturing and is the availability of capital, but can be seen in the location of M&A defence deals aimed at improving diversification of the sources …

manufacturing of electrolysers, paper, textile, chemicals, railways, developed as green hydrogen hubs. which will

RAND Corporation · 29 November 2023 English

Key U.S. allies are looking at the war in Ukraine to draw lessons for their security planning, a trend that has opened new chances for U.S.-Japan security ties to expand …

because they are connected by fewer roads and railways (com- pared with those on the island’s west) and vast majority of weapons and munitions come via railways and roads.59 Most of this aid comes into Ukraine

World Bank Group · 28 November 2023 English

Economic integration of the African continent rests on two pillars: the ratification of an ambitious trade agreement and massive investment in transportation infrastructure. Leveraging a newly created city-level database on …

network (or a combination of roads and borders). Railways, on the other hand, are typically associated with projects focus on transport invest- ments in ports, railways, roads, airports, and borders. As of 2018, among

World Bank Group · 28 November 2023 English

Climate change is unfolding amid the greatest information and communication revolution in human history. From e-commerce and social media to smart manufacturing and precision farming, digital technologies have become prevalent …

communication services, banking, power grids, railways, and government services. Digital infrastructure

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