Tanganyika was a sovereign state, comprising the mainland part of present-day Tanzania, that existed from 1961 until 1964. It first gained independence from the United Kingdom on 9 December 1961 as a state headed by Queen Elizabeth II before becoming a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations a year later. After signing the Articles of Union on 22 April 1964 and passing an Act of Union on 25 April, Tanganyika officially joined with the People's Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar on Union Day, 26 April 1964. The new state changed its …



World Bank Group · 31 January 1964 English

The Highway Project for Tanganyika will assist in the cost of improving the roads to standards, suitable for growing traffic. The project consists of the design, improvement, construction, and reconstruction

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT CREDIT TO THE REPUBLIC OF TANGANYIKA FOR A HIGHWAY PROJECT January 21, 1964 P million to Tanganyika for a highway project. PART I - INTRODUCTION 2. In July 1961, the Tanganyika Government recommendations by IDA missions which visited Tanganyika in 1962 and 1963 and additional preparatory work proposed credit would be IDA's second operation in Tanganyika. A credit oVL $4.6 million to help finance a ment project was signed on Decemnber 19, 1963, Tanganyika is a guarantor of the 1955 Bank loan of $24 million

World Bank Group · 31 May 1958 English

The report provides a description of the economy of Tanganyika including its area, population, trades, and products. It discusses the government and geography such as climate and natural resources available structure and growth of the economy. Finally, it provides the development plans and their financing in Tanganyika.

RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT THE ECONOMY OF TANGANYIKA (Preliminary Memorandum for the IBRD Survey and Charts Chapter I - General Description of Tanganyika............... 1 Geography, Climate and Natural Demand deposits of commercial banks £13.8 million Tanganyika savings banks Number of depositors 99,600 Credit GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF TANGANYIKA GEOGRAPHY, CLIMATE AND NATURAL RESOURCES 1. Tanganyika lies just south of Equator between the Great Lakes (Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa) and the Indian Ocean. With a land

World Bank Group · 31 January 1964 English

The Highway Project for Tanganyika will assist in the cost of improving the roads to standards, suitable for growing traffic. The project consists of the design, improvement, construction, and reconstruction

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION HIGHWAY PRIOJECT TANGANYIKA January 21, 1964 Department of Technical Cperations nenarice E i' I il I - - ,xpendltures of Tanganyika Government 1954-1955/l960-1961 3. Li-st of Roads Cda1LcuLat1ion 1 ILui Uo R o turn Map: Tanganyika - Highjay system � TANGANYIKA APPRAISAL OF A H'IGHAY PROJECT As condittions of a credit, the Government of Tanganyika has under- taken: a) To retain a technical 1961 the Governments of the United Kingdom and Tanganyika voi.,tly subwntted an apnl i cati nnt the-

UN: The United Nations · 8 June 1951 English

7 p.

eccnc:::iic nnd social p1;ocross of tho inhabitant.a of Tanganyika. • • . . , •· . I 2. The petitionero confidentinl: memorandum by · t::0 Govornor of Tanganyika 'to the unoff.icial members of the ·tegislati to bo ·rep:reeentotivo of'- the inhabitants of Tanganyika but of the great ::-.2.jcrity of' Africons o the First World · ' ' War,· but returned to Tanganyika.:n 1936 where-he was activ~ on hie parents' residents and former residents of the Territory ot Tanganyika, see above under the :petition from Mr. Herbert

UN: The United Nations · 5 July 1955 English

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1955 ·text: ADMINISTRATIVE UNION AFFECTING TANGANYIKA On page 3, i n paragraph (3) replace the last

UN: The United Nations · 7 May 1952 English

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oQCUMS'{TS MASTER EXAMINATION OF PETITIONS TANGANYIKA 1NOEXUNlT . , 13 r1'fl~SS2 , ' ~ [ "f\/\S foilowirig sumaries of petitions concerning Tanganyika under British Administration, and of the relevant Mission recalls the explanations given by the Tanganyika Government to the previous Mission and to the pragress ·achieved by the British Administration in Tanganyika and. request that a secondary school, a technical in the· disposal of ex-enemy sisal estates in Tanganyika· the interests of Asians were not adequately

UN: The United Nations · 19 March 1952 English

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- EXAMINATION OF Pl[CITIONS · '"~: t · . . TANGANYIKA. LIMITED T/C,2ji.4 · 19 March 1952 ORIGINAL:

UN: The United Nations · 29 June 1955 English

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Administe_:i;-ipg A~t_hori ty in respect of Tanganyika . under United Kingdom . : administ-~atio~ in Kenya. Uganda . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tanganyika Somnliland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . all the East African territories, including Tanganyika. The Dusert Locust Control Campaign is a full ' The relatively large contribution:~ade ·oy Tanganyika· towards the cost of }he _·, · Department is broke out in 1939 the1:e was no .Income Tax i n-Tanganyika, and Income Tax was introduced .as a war revenue

UN: The United Nations · 10 June 1952 English

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OF PETITI0i\1S · .-_, ··. · · . · .1 ',(J\ TANGANYIKA. ·:·... .. ., ' ··::, ,·. !. ,_:•.' :_.-: ·- foliowing s~i~s of· petiti~na· concern.ins ~ Tanganyika under British ~dministration and of the r elevant

World Bank Group · 29 February 1964 English

The conclusion of the agreement on the future of Rhodesian Railways has apparently in no way weakened the strength of the desire for the new railroad. [...] In the past, …

TO REVIEW THE PROPOSED NORTITIERN RHODESIA - TANGANYIKA RAILWAY LINK February 17, 1964 Department of Transport Link *Between Northern Rhodesia and Tanganyika 314 37 The Need for Cooperation MISSION TO REVIDJ THE PROPOSED NORTHERN RHODESIA - TANGANYIKA RATLIJAY LINK Summary and Conclusions i. proposed railway link between Northern Rhodesia and Tanganyika. ii. The Mission reaches the view that railroad link between NJorthern Rhodesia and Tanganyika and to see whether a detailed feasibility study

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