A tariff is a tax imposed by a government of a country or of a supranational union on imports or exports of goods. Besides being a source of revenue for the government, import duties can also be a form of regulation of foreign trade and policy that taxes foreign products to encourage or safeguard domestic industry. Tariffs are among the most widely used instruments of protectionism, along with import and export quotas. Tariffs can be fixed (a constant sum per unit of imported goods or a percentage of the price) or variable (the amount varies according to the price). Taxing …



World Bank Group · 23 May 2024 English

This technical background paper evaluates the progress of African nations in establishing effective fiscal frameworks for digital infrastructure across the continent. Through a comprehensive comparative analysis of legislative, tax, and …

may hinder investment in network rollout. Import tariffs and additional VAT only applicable to the digital

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Mexico, the world's most populous Spanish-speaking country, will hold its largest ever elections on 2 June 2024. Almost 98 million voters will pick a new president, all 500 members of …

led the Biden administration to consider raising tariffs on vehicles above their current 25 % level. His

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With the development of information and communication technologies, there has been an ongoing debate about how and when countermeasures can be used in cyberspace, particularly in response to cyberthreats. Countermeasures …

authorized by Article XXI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – GATT);15 and v) domestic remedies (1980) 1115 UNTS 331. 15 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1994) 1867 UNTS 187. 16 Recitals 5–13

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President Joe Biden announced a slew of new tariffs last week on "strategic" Chinese imports as part of the federal government's mandated review of the tariffs that then- President Donald Trump put in place Biden's announcement, the tariffs raise a host of practical, legal, political, and geopolitical issues that we'll mostly ignore for today. Instead, we're going to examine the tariffs' economic implications exporters, environmentalists, and even China hawks reasons to worry. As is often the case, the tariffs' real risks are less about what happens tomorrow and far more about the problems that could materialize

5/24/24, 6:45 AM On Biden's New China Tariffs, History Provides Good Reasons for Almost Everyone to Worry https://www.cato.org/commentary/bidens-new-china-tariffs-history-provides-good-reasons-almost-everyone-worry worry 1/16 COMMENTARY On Biden’s New China Tariffs, History Provides Good Reasons for Almost Everyone Capitolism), President Joe Biden announced a slew of new tariffs last week on “strategic” Chinese imports as part the federal government’s mandated review of the tariffs that then‐ President Donald Trump put in place

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Modern theoretical and empirical analyses in international trade typically focus on firms as the sole trading actors. This is consistent with the fact that firms have traditionally accounted for the …

were below US$ 200 and hence were not subject to tariffs anyway, whereas firms’ foreign purchases via courier threshold consisting of specific products with high tariffs when not imported under preferences. Hence, PTAs changes in the relative size of the economies, tariffs, transportation costs (e.g., parcel rates, which

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This report provides an assessment of Equatorial Guinea’s digital economy, as part of the World Bank’s Digital Economy for Africa (DE4A) initiative. Prepared to support the implementation of the Digital …

mobile operators aiming to reduce telecom service tariffs by a substantial 50 percent mark positive strides bandwidth, Table 6 shows the onerous nature of the tariffs applied by the sole operator, GITGE, compared with

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governance and long-term viability studies (i.e. tariffs, Power Sector Fiscal Sustainability Plan, capacity

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of the budget is finally aiming at the right goal: “National regulatory alignment.” Intercolonial tariffs and border agents monitoring the passage of goods between Upper and Lower Canada are long gone, of

“National regulatory alignment.” Intercolonial tariffs and border agents monitoring the passage of goods

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On 15 May 2024, Ahmad Farhad, a Kashmiri journalist and poet, was forcibly disappeared from his home in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, and his whereabouts remain unknown. The …

marching for economic rights, reduced electricity tariffs, wheat subsidies and increased taxation for high-income

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revenue earned through agriculture taxation and tariffs is used in subsidizing fertilizer, which features

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