Tax Reform

Tax reform is the process of changing the way taxes are collected or managed by the government and is usually undertaken to improve tax administration or to provide economic or social benefits. Tax reform can include reducing the level of taxation of all people by the government, making the tax system more progressive or less progressive, or simplifying the tax system and making the system more understandable or more accountable. Numerous organizations have been set up to reform tax systems worldwide, often with the intent to reform income taxes or value added taxes into something considered more economically liberal. Other …



World Bank Group · 23 May 2024 English

This technical background paper evaluates the progress of African nations in establishing effective fiscal frameworks for digital infrastructure across the continent. Through a comprehensive comparative analysis of legislative, tax, and …

social and economic value through mobile-sector tax reform”, p. 4. 18 GSMA. 2020b. “Mobile taxation in social and economic value through mobile-sector tax reform”, p. 4. 22 GSMA. 2019. “Rethinking mobile taxation social and economic value through mobile-sector tax reform”, p. 17. Background Paper: Taxes and Parafiscal fragile states, the equity and efficiency of tax reform determine the resilience to economic and political from the digital economy. The new international tax reform envisages MNEs paying a fair share of tax in

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Mexico, the world's most populous Spanish-speaking country, will hold its largest ever elections on 2 June 2024. Almost 98 million voters will pick a new president, all 500 members of …

intervention in the economy, for example, as well as tax reform that helps promote social and infrastructure

World Bank Group · 22 May 2024 English

Report” means the report on revenue policy and tax reform for the fiscal year 2022/23 dated April/May

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The Supreme Court found that in the absence in the Bill of mitigatory measures -as allowed by the TRIPS Agreement- and of a working definition of the term “microorganism”, there …

Framework and all the stakeholders of the global tax reform negotiations to consider revising the global

UNU WIDER: United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research · 21 May 2024 English

WIDER Working Paper 2024/33-Extractive industries: transforming states and improving economic management

progress (on average) across the developing world in tax reform: LICs have increased their tax-to-GDP ratios value-added tax (VAT) making a big contribution).39 But tax reform in hydrocarbon economies has been mostly disappointing , A. Orre, and F. Paulo (2020). ‘The Non-Oil Tax Reform in Angola: Escaping from Petroleum Dependency

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This paper provides an assessment of the fiscal and social impacts resulting from the fuel price adjustments undertaken in 2022. The note lays out policy options and their potential fiscal …

This is notable to complement the recently introduced tax reforms (for example, the Tax Harmonization Law) to increase

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Content moderation represents the policies and practices that companies use to express their own preferences and to create the kind of online space that is best for their interests. Government …

(August 10, 2023) 954. Tax Expenditures and Tax Reform by Chris Edwards (July 25, 2023) 953. 2022

World Bank Group · 21 May 2024 English

This report provides an up-to-date overview of existing and emerging carbon pricing instruments around the world, including international, national, and subnational initiatives. It also investigates trends surrounding the development and …

the carbon taxes in operation increased the nominal tax rate over the past year as the result of scheduled increases or tax reforms and the remaining taxes have retained existing tax rates (see Figure 8). implemented in 2010 in response to the global financial crisis, demonstrates how embedding carbon pricing into broader tax reforms may increase acceptance as its benefits beyond climate mitigation can be highlighted.

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Summary of recommendations Our submission First Nations women’s experiences of discrimination in the private rental market Homelessness and the rental crisis Failure of the private rental market to meet the …

controls, robust and enforced renters' rights, and tax reform to wind back the harm growing asset inequality public and community-controlled housing 4. Housing tax reform 1 Summary of recommendations 1. Invest in public custody. We reiterate these demands now. 4. Housing tax reform The systemic and structural inequality of the housing market requires broader reforms, including tax reform to remove incentives for property speculation

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