A veteran (from Latin vetus, meaning "old") is a person who had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. A military veteran is a person who has served and is no longer serving in a military. A military veteran that has served directly in combat in a war is further defined as a war veteran (although not all military conflicts, or areas in which armed combat took place, are necessarily referred to as wars). Military veterans are unique as a group as their lived experience is so strongly connected to the conduct of war in general and …



EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 5 June 2024 English

This paper outlines the main elements related to conditionality included in the Ukraine Plan, and compares it with the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and the International Monetary …

g., demining, damaged housing and support to veterans, their families and internally displaced persons)

World Bank Group · 5 June 2024 English

conditions for disabled people. High Veterans of Garabagh war Veterans of Garabagh war with disabilities

World Bank Group · 5 June 2024 English

people, martyr family members, war participants/veterans, people with disabilities and lower educated

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 4 June 2024 English

Recent developments, outlook, and risks. Kosovo’s economy has continued to perform well, despite a challenging external environment. Real GDP growth moderated to 3¼ percent in 2023 amid subdued external demand. …

spending is expected from the delinking of war veterans’ benefits from minimum wage increases and from natural reduction in closed pension categories (war veterans and ex-contributory pensions). 16. Recent

World Bank Group · 4 June 2024 English

and Urban Planning Ministry of Social Affairs Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY) • General Department

RAND Corporation · 4 June 2024 English

and other sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ+) veterans and examine associations between health outcomes and state policy environments in which LGBTQ+ veterans live, and discuss implications for ongoing efforts efforts to improve health and well-being among LGBTQ+ veterans.

Health Care for LGBTQ+ Veterans Differences Among Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans, by Identity and State The State of Health and Health Care for LGBTQ+ Veterans For more information on this publication, visit 978-1-9774-1332-1 Cover Photo: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Limited Print and Electronic Distribution gender minority (LGBTQ+) veterans. As with LGBTQ+ civilians, LGBTQ+ veterans can have distinct needs and access and health-related outcomes for LGBTQ+ veterans relative to their cisgender and heterosexual

Amnesty International · 3 June 2024 English

On 4 June 1989, Chinese troops opened fire on students and workers who had been peacefully protesting for political reforms in and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Hundreds – possibly thousands …

demands drew wide public support, from pensioners to veterans to farmers. Millions joined peaceful demonstrations

Urban Institute · 3 June 2024 English

This report conducts an in-depth analysis of active-duty service members' potential barriers to accessing homeownership. Active-duty service members have a substantially lower homeownership rate than the general population, despite having …

for providing valuable comments and feedback, Veterans United for providing survey data, and all our substantially lower homeownership rate than both veterans and the general population, despite having higher Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, which both active-duty service members and veterans can use. VA financing for both active-duty service members and veterans. This is intended as a benefit of serving in the across the three groups. Households headed by veterans have the highest homeownership rate, followed

RSF: Russell Sage Foundation · 1 June 2024 English

By describing how the federal urban renewal program harmed displaced tenants and property owners, this article intends to encourage discussion of potential remedies by study groups, commissions, and community activists. …

for fifteen years. They helped him apply for Veterans Ad- ministration housing (Kingston Urban Re- newal

RSF: Russell Sage Foundation · 1 June 2024 English

Paying reparations to Black Americans has long been contentiously debated. This article addresses an unexamined pillar of this debate: the United States has a long-standing social norm that if an …

historically op- posed. For example, he cites “veterans’ prefer- ence” in government employment, which available to Blacks from quali- fying. Moreover, Black veterans lacked access to formal and informal networks were barred from veterans’ organizations such as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars discrimination, ef- fectively prevented many Black veterans from accessing the G.I. Bill’s housing benefits went to Black veterans (Katznelson 2005). De- spite nearly 8 percent of World War II veterans being Black

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