Weather is the state of the atmosphere, describing for example the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy. On Earth, most weather phenomena occur in the lowest level of the planet's atmosphere, the troposphere, just below the stratosphere. Weather refers to day-to-day temperature and precipitation activity, whereas climate is the term for the averaging of atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. When used without qualification, "weather" is generally understood to mean the weather of Earth. Weather is driven by air pressure, temperature, and moisture differences between one place and …



Climate Central · 18 June 2024 English

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics offered a window into an alarming, escalating norm for Summer Olympics. As temperatures rose to over 34°C and humidity reached almost 70%, the Games in Japan …

well as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. These include events which may coincide the WBGT threshold reaches 30.1°C, the Extreme Weather Policy is activated. This allows for a 10-minute [There’s been a] noticeable increase in adverse weather events in my 9 years in the sport of rowing. Floods sports that do not have a science-based extreme weather policy, and for grassroots sports with fewer resources Rieti in 2022 were very difficult due to the weather conditions: I started warming up in the early

HPA: Water Policy Association · 17 June 2024

Upholding these laws is crucial First, using water as a weapon disproportio- to maintaining a minimum standard of nately affects the most vulnerable populati- humanity in warfare and preventing ons, …

MERRA-2 climate data, from 1980 to 2019, drawn from weather observations, satellite imagery and modeled root-zone

CPED: Centre for Population and Environmental Development · 16 June 2024 English

Team members are working on the various aspects of the collected data which hopefully will, in the first instance, guide the implementation of the pilot intervention programme during the remaining …

the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events, food insecurity etc. The vision of this the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events, food insecurity etc. The vision of this of persons and of property from the vagaries of weather elements (sun, rain and wind). The provision of respondents also noticed increases in extreme weather events like floods, excessive heat and higher temperature institutions and irregularity of the “news” on weather from the radio stations, they rely more on their

IRC: International Rescue Committee · 15 June 2024 English

In 2017, with funding from the Citi Foundation, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) began an ambitious, bold initiative entitled Resilient Futures. Designed to support the livelihoods and economic well-being of …

and other skills to equip new entrepreneurs to weather financial hardships and economic shocks. During

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees · 13 June 2024 English

The Global Trends report provides key statistical trends on forced displacement. It includes the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, as well as the number …

experience persistent insecurity in 2023 as well as weather extremes, with flash floods in April 2023, after average of several recent years is selected as weather patterns can fluctuate significantly on an annual For example, through the impacts of extreme weather events and scarcer natural resources, such as as these same climate- related hazards. Extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods and extreme heat vulnerability of forcibly displaced people. Extreme weather events and other adverse effects of climate change

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 13 June 2024 English

Reform efforts are bearing fruit with the economy starting to recover, inflation remaining low, revenue collection improving, and reserves continuing to accumulate. Performance under the program, the design of which …

policy slippages and a waning reform momentum. To weather the election-related uncertainties, the program larger surplus would create an additional buffer to weather higher-than-expected interest payments and reduce market conditions allow helps build the buffer to weather election uncertainties and the implications of

GRC: Global Rights Compliance · 13 June 2024 English

This report by international human rights foundation Global Rights Compliance publishes evidence of Russian and pro-Russian forces using starvation as a method of warfare against Ukrainian civilians during their 85-day …

shelter from the ongoing conflict and extreme cold weather for scores of civilians (noting the average temperature

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 13 June 2024 English

Key takeaways from a year marked by profound disruption, change and innovation ladmir Lenin’s observation—“There are decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happen” —has become a cliché in …

SPACE COMMERCE GETS REAL At the same time, extreme weather events are increasing in number. Particle pollution

CEIP: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace · 13 June 2024 English

Because Tunisia’s regions face different climate threats and socioeconomic needs, municipalities should be more empowered to implement climate mitigation measures and protect vulnerable communities.

increasingly threatened by the growing number of extreme weather events. Less- wealthy communities tend to spend

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