Just Transition Framework For India: Policies, Plans and Institutional Mechanisms
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Just Transition Framework For India: Policies, Plans and Institutional Mechanisms

23 March 2023


India's shift towards green energy will lead to significant changes in the fossil fuel production and consumption value chain in the coming years. While these changes are necessary for building a green economy, they will significantly impact workers, local communities, and the economy in areas with fossil fuel-dependent industries. Therefore, to avoid a trade-off between the economy and the environment in India's fossil fuel-dependent states and districts, a 'just transition' is crucial. Implementing a just transition will support the country's commitment to accelerated climate change action and provide an opportunity for socioeconomic development in many of India's coal districts, which are also among the poorest. A well-planned just transition can help diversify the economy and secure decent work opportunities for the population in districts and states currently dependent on fossil fuels. This report proposes a framework for just transition in India, which can guide the formulation and reform of necessary laws, policies, plans, and institutional and governance mechanisms at the national and state levels. The framework is based on an extensive review of just transition related laws, policies, and plans of various countries and sub-national entities. It has been contextualised with critical issues specific to India's fossil fuel regions and considers the existing regulatory landscape and the constitutional division of responsibilities between the centre and the state.

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