Aerospace Industry

An aerospace manufacturer is a company or individual involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, or spacecraft. Aerospace is a high technology industry. The aircraft industry is the industry supporting aviation by building aircraft and manufacturing aircraft parts for their maintenance. This includes aircraft and parts used for civil aviation and military aviation. Most production is done pursuant to type certificates and Defense Standards issued by a government body. This term has been largely subsumed by the more encompassing term: "aerospace industry".

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CAPS · 9 September 2022 English

In these uncertain times, the urgency of reducing reliance on imported military hardware and diversifying the defence inventory of India is the need of the hour. [...] Despite the NATO …

play a great role in revolutionising the aerospace industry. This will strengthen domestic aviation manufacturing become a significant global player, the Indian aerospace industry has been striving to move in the direction

CAPS · 8 September 2022 English

In the present set-up, the role of the IAF appears to be limited to defining the Air Staff Requirement (ASR) during the inception stage, and thereafter it comes into the …

ENERGISING AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: A NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERATIVE NISHANT GUPTA [I]t was surprising that MONSOON 2013 (July-September) ENERGISING AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: A NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERATIVE India is Air Mshl R.K. Sharma DCAS addressed the 7th Aerospace Industry Conference jointly organised by the IAF, HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Before coming to the Indian aerospace industry per se, it will be appropriate to touch upon MONSOON 2013 (July-September) ENERGISING AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: A NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERATIVE investment

AIR Center · 7 September 2022 English

dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan.” Commenting on the notable absence of the Voicing its disapproval of the statement made ambassadors of the US and France, Hikmat by Secretary Blinken, the …

Trade Policy Development Center ‘QazTrade’ Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Joint Stock Company, ‘Cool

5 September 2022 English

In line with this global trend, the working paper recommends leveraging The Government of Kazakhstan and the support for the DSCSD from member States, Secretariat of the United Nations Economic …

Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan and Zerde National Infocommunication Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs MoU Memorandum

CAPS · 3 September 2022 English

But with the latest developments in Iran regarding the nuclear weapons, which are giving sleepless nights to the West, especially to the US and Israel, the atmosphere in the international …

decision in the late 1980s to develop the local aerospace industry to support the air force. In 2002, Iran with

CAPS · 30 August 2022 English

‘Security deterrence to Japan, identity’, a sub-feature to the larger concept have been pivotal not of national identity is defined as the larger- only to Japan’s post-war held principles reflecting …

technology transfer from the world’s most advanced aerospace industry.28 the greater Nagoya industrial Cluster

CAPS · 29 August 2022 English

As we move ahead, it would be essential in “most wars of all to bear in mind the fact that India ranks types”; and tops the amongst the top five …

GDP, and continues rising12. The commercial aerospace industry plays a progressively larger role in the

CAPS · 29 August 2022 English

Inability to resolve the historical legacies and boundary disputes, the competition for resources, the rise of China, the US pivot to Asia, the unstable regime of North Korea and the …

computer and other industries in Japan, the aerospace industry is relatively small. Much is expected of McGuire, “The United States, Japan and the Aerospace Industry: From Capture to Competitor?” Pacific Review

MP-IDSA · 17 August 2022 English

Entrusted by Xi, CMC member, State Councilor, and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe extended festive greetings to all the officers and personnel of the PLA, members of the armed police, and …

experts called a new step forward for China's aerospace industry. After a period of in-orbit operation, the

ERIA · 4 August 2022 English

The only exception involved the automotive industry, which has represented the main interest of technocrats from the Ministry of Industry and been the subject of concerted government efforts since the …

(2012), ‘Rolls-Royce to Keep Investing in Thai Aerospace Industry’, The Nation, 11 October. https://www.nationthailand

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