Communication Systems

Telecommunication is the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. It has its origin in the desire of humans for communication over a distance greater than that feasible with the human voice, but with a similar scale of expediency; thus, slow systems (such as postal mail) are excluded from the field. The transmission media in telecommunication have evolved through numerous stages of technology, from beacons and other visual signals (such as smoke signals, semaphore telegraphs, signal flags, and optical heliographs), to electrical cable and electromagnetic radiation, including light. Such transmission paths …



World Bank Group · 4 April 2024 English

is a need to upgrade Moldova’s emergency communication systems, both public warning systems (PWS) and

World Bank Group · 3 April 2024 English

be implemented as a chain of information communication systems and comprise of sensors, event detection

World Bank Group · 2 April 2024 English

explaining intended project benefits and communication systems. These early consultations also serve to

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 2 April 2024 English

While governments and authorities look for technical solutions to water resources management, they can often overlook local knowledge and cultural aspects.

Implementation 119 9.8 Number of Early Warning and Communication Systems Installed 120 9.9 Procurement of Supporting

World Bank Group · 1 April 2024 English

Ratings for the Federation Road Sector Modernization Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina were as follows: outcomes were satisfactory, the Bank performance was satisfactory, and the monitoring and evaluation quality was …

commercial properties and transportation and communication systems. Repairing damaged roads accounted for approximately

Amnesty International · 28 March 2024 English

Since January 2022, at least 20 Tunisian defence lawyers in high profile cases, have faced judicial harassment through criminal investigations based on their peaceful exercise of their human rights including …

“fighting offences related to information and communication systems”, which imposes heavy prison sentences (up

World Bank Group · 28 March 2024 English

thereby enhancing the efficiency of internal communication systems. The IT investment will also focus on developing

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 27 March 2024 English

Recent events in the Red Sea have brought to the fore another security vulnerability, that of the security of undersea telecommunications cables. UAE officials in early March said that three …

the vulnerability this poses to global communication systems is the first step. A second step may be

RAND Corporation · 27 March 2024 English

Soft targets and crowded places (ST-CPs), such as arenas and schools, are easily accessible to large numbers of people and have limited security or protective measures in place, making them …

Security guards at metal detectors Alarm and communication systems Intruder-detection system Emergency public technology 2.0% Metal detectors 2.0% Alarm and communication systems 5.3% Physical security 5.3% Credentialing coordination, training, and exercising Communication systems Telecommunication and networks 11 Site

RAND Corporation · 27 March 2024 English

Attacks on soft targets and crowded places are a significant challenge. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires research and development to assess methods for reducing the propensity and loss …

distance, increasing time to respond • communication systems that allow calling for an emergency response coordination, training, and exercising Communication systems Telecommunication and networks RR-A2260-1_book_cc2024 Security guards at metal detectors Alarm and communication systems Intruder-detection system Emergency PA system

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