Hail is a form of solid precipitation. It is distinct from ice pellets (American English "sleet"), though the two are often confused. It consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice, each of which is called a hailstone. Ice pellets fall generally in cold weather while hail growth is greatly inhibited during cold surface temperatures.Unlike other forms of water ice such as graupel, which is made of rime, and ice pellets, which are smaller and translucent, hailstones usually measure between 5 mm (0.2 in) and 15 cm (6 in) in diameter. The METAR reporting code for hail 5 mm (0.20 …



Center for Disaster Philanthropy · 29 November 2023 English

The was committing to action done to follow through on the objective of influencing philanthropy beyond existing membership, continuing to energize the Prior to the meeting, participants group and bringing …

While hailed as a success at the time, the aid system has failed to meet the 25% target it set itself, having regressed to

Systemiq · 27 November 2023 English

The report aims to build a foundation for effective measures and supportive environments to optimise the sustainability impact of the battery recycling process and facilitate better partnerships between industry, the …

This encompasses options such as car-sharing, ride-hailing and demand-responsive transport.

World Bank Group · 23 November 2023 English

Rep air of classrooms of the depa rtment of anti-hail service in the city of Gissar IDA / D9780 Component COE/TPRDP/G-RFQ-06 / Proc urement of office equipment for anti-hail service educatio nal buildings in Gissar IDA / D9780 COE/TPRDP/G-RFQ-07 / Proc urement of furniture for anti- hail service educational build ings in Gissar IDA / D9780 Design of drilling an artesian water well in anti-hail service in Gis sar IDA / D9780 Component 2: Strengthening

AU: African Union · 23 November 2023 English

The Bidder shall quote in the currency of the Purchaser’s Country the portion of the Bid price that corresponds to expenditures incurred in the currency of the Purchaser’s Country, unless …

Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention, Supply Chain Management Division Administration Directorate Lafto Square, Haile Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention, Supply Chain Management Division Administration Directorate Lafto Square, Haile Haile Garment Area, Lafto Square.

World Bank Group · 23 November 2023 English

IFC is supporting municipalities and private sector clients in implementing electric last-mile solutions, from identifying enabling policies to developing innovative pilot projects that can be scaled up. IFC leverages its …

The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem. 2 mobility and ride-hailing passenger services with public transportation in Kigali

World Bank Group · 23 November 2023 English

IFC supports private sector clients as they develop investment projects in E2W and E3W markets, helping identify viable business models and piloting innovative solutions. Working in collaboration with the World …

In addition to personal mobility, these vehicles are commonly used in commercial fleets for ride-hailing, rentals, and addition, IFC assessed potential E2W and E3W business models and identified investment opportunities in fleet-based ride-hailing

GI-TOC: Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime · 22 November 2023 English

section 2 of this order on any foreign person Use of the counter-corruption and counter-crime sanctions determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, …

designees were involved with Latin American drug traffickers, the list also stretched globally, encompassing a number of actors hailing

PROOF: Research to Identify Policy Options to Reduce Food Insecurity · 21 November 2023 English

Interpreting the statistics in this report 13 Prevalence of food insecurity in the ten provinces in 2022 In 2022, 17.8% of households in the ten provinces experienced some level of …

45 The Canada Child Benefit is one of the main policy levers of the federal poverty reduction strategy and has been long hailed

Jamestown Foundation · 21 November 2023 English

The opportunity is that the balance of power or center of gravity in global affairs is shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific as the world becomes more multipolar (Xinhua, …

deep ties to the state. Many founders and engineers hail from elite academies and contractors like the China

Centre for Cities · 21 November 2023 English

These findings also suggest that the picture captured in the 2011 Census – which will be analysed at the city level in the next sections – seems to be an …

One potential factor behind this increase is the emergence of ride-hailing apps in the Welsh capital since 2016, which frequently Qiao S and Yeh A (2023) Is ride-hailing competing or complementing public transport? from affordability, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Flor M Ortuño A and Guirao B (2022), Ride-hailing

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