Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries, or the Nordics, are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, where they are most commonly known as Norden (literally "the North"). The region includes the sovereign states of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as the autonomous countries of the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are both part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Åland Islands, an autonomous region of the Republic of Finland; Jan Mayen island and the archipelago of Svalbard, both unincorporated areas of Metropolitan Norway, are also included. Bouvet Island, a dependency of the Kingdom of …



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Almost all news reporting implicitly asks the public to trust it. At a basic level, it asks people to trust that ‘we really did talk to the sources we mention, …

22% USA 8% UK 13% Germany 27% Average in Nordic countries 21% Australia Norway 40% Sweden 31% Finland subscriptions, up 6 percentage points this year. In Nordic countries, it is worth noting the high proportion that more people pay for digital news in the Nordic countries. It is also the case that fewer of them are

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Since 2016, the global edition of the Sustainable Development Report (SDR) has provided the most up-to-date data to track and rank the performance of all UN member states on the …

varies significantly across country groups. Nordic countries continue to lead on SDG achievement, with previous years, European countries – notably the Nordic countries – top the 2024 SDG Index. Finland is ranked editions, European countries, particu- larly the Nordic countries, top the 2024 SDG Index. Finland ranks first

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This paper was prepared to support the Libyan Ministry of Health in designing and establishing its health economics unit. Over the past decade, Libya’s health system has been significantly and …

THL is engaged in active collaboration with Nordic countries and the European Union on statistics, registries

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The Review covers key topics relevant to Danish foreign, security, and development policy

in total, including Denmark and the other Nordic countries, who have since been working alongside Ukraine security commitments to Ukraine. Denmark and the Nordic countries released a joint statement of support immediately strong bonds between African countries and the Nordic countries, and our shared interest in a future multilateral security, it marked a historic new era for the Nordic countries where defence cooperation is stronger than cost-effective joint solutions. Ever since, the Nordic countries have been building trust and confidentiality

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This paper reports socio-economic and health outcomes for intersex people in Mexico using data collected between 2021 and 2022. This is the first study relying on a large nationally representative …

endosex groups separately. Initial attempts in Nordic countries show the potential of this approach (Berglund

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The Green Paper on Alcohol Policy has been Estonia’s strategy document for addressing alcohol-related harms since 2013. Its objectives include: reducing alcohol consumption and curbing harmful drinking patterns; preventing underage …

alcohol in Estonia is in stark contrast to the Nordic countries (Fig. 12), where the number of alcohol retail is due to different market regulations in Nordic countries under retail monopolies (74). Estonia is,

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Gender equality in the European Parliament and in national parliaments in the European Union: 2023 state of play Gender Mainstreaming Gender equality in the European Parliament and in national parliaments …

Statista, Dyvik, E. H. (2023), ‘Women in the Nordic countries – Statistics & facts’ (https://www.statista nordic-countries/#topicOverview). (52) See footnote 49. (53) See footnote com/topics/9893/women-in-the-nordic-countries/#topicOverview the%20country.-,Article%208,the%20work%20 Nordic countries – Statistics & facts’ (https:// of%20inte

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Introduction Harsh V Pant A day might be a long time in politics, but in foreign policy, even a decade is usually not long enough to merit a serious appraisal. …

other countries and sub-regions such as the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) sub-regions. For instance, the partnership with the Nordic countries, which are globally renowned for their innovation

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collectively they can provide a clearer picture of working life conditions for trans people in the Nordic countries. This publication summarises the field of knowledge in the region. By consolidating existing project helps to identify and, in some cases, fill knowledge gaps and thereby be of use to the Nordic countries. The aim is to make trans people’s working life conditions visible to enable dialogue and identify

WORKING LIFE IN THE NORDIC COUNTRIES 19 Discrimination legislation in the Nordic countries 19 The Nordic model living conditions of LGBTI people in both the Nordic countries and globally, and trans people have been particularly working life conditions for trans people in the Nordic countries.  The Nordic Council of Ministers has therefore to summarise the �ield of knowledge in the Nordic countries. By consolidating existing research, the project the living conditions of trans people in the Nordic countries, with a focus on working life. The aim is

Nordic Co-operation | Nordic Council & Nordic Council of Ministers · 30 May 2024 English

This paper summarises that debate and serves as a conceptual overview of the topic in order to provide a better understanding of what factors, or combination of factors, are driving …

Geographies of discontent in the Nordic context The Nordic countries have not been immune to the overall western There is, however, signi�icant evidence in all Nordic countries of economic, social, cultural and demographic “geographies of discontent” in the Nordic region All Nordic countries are western liberal democracies and there economic and geographic characteristics of the Nordic countries, such as, but not limited to, parliamentary understanding discontent. Furthermore, the Nordic countries have experienced high immigration rates in

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