Wahhabism (Arabic: الوهابية‎, al-Wahhābiyah) is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. It has been variously described as "ultraconservative", "far-right" "austere", "fundamentalist", or "puritan(ical)"; as an Islamic "reform movement" to restore "pure monotheistic worship" by devotees; and as a "deviant sectarian movement", "vile sect" and a distortion of Islam by its detractors. The term Wahhabi(sm) is often used polemically and adherents commonly reject its use, preferring to be called Salafi or muwahhid, claiming to emphasize the principle of tawhid (the "uniqueness" and "unity" of God) or monotheism, dismissing their opponents as practising shirk (idolatry). The …

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Kalifat: Skandinavisk politisk drama n沠det er bedst

DIIS · 12 May 2020 Danish

Den svenske tv-serie portr絴erer udfordringerne i et liv underlagt Islamisk Stat og tager fat p塮ogle af tidens mest aktuelle sp𲧳m欠om radikalisering og hjemmeavlet terrorisme.

For det første er den ideologi, gruppen baserede sig på (et sammenkog af wahhabisme, salafisme og takfirisme

African Journal on Conflict Resolution Vol 19 No.1

ACCORD · 23 October 2019 English

In all five articles in this issue, some aspect of governance plays a significant role. The term ‘governance’ appears in the titles of two articles, and words such as ‘govern’, …

Africa stop the menace of US imperialism and Wahhabism. To make matters worse, the renewed economic

Global Jihad in South East Asia

DIIS · 16 October 2019 English

Examining the Expansion of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda

promoted the ultraconservative Islamic doctrine of Wahhabism. The Suharto dictatorship controlled the archipelago’s

Islamic State’s new breeding ground: Southeast Asia

DIIS · 16 October 2019 English

While Islamic State are in decline in Syria and Iraq they are expanding other places - notably Southeast Asia. Here transnational jihadism is on the rise but the dynamics differ …

promoted the ultraconservative Islamic doctrine of Wahhabism. The Suharto dictatorship controlled the archipelago’s

Intra-Gulf Competition in Africa’s Horn: Lessening the Impact

ICG · 19 September 2019 English

The Horn of Africa, long the site of great power competition, today sees a new rivalry playing out on its shores. Gulf Arab countries, as well as Turkey, are accelerating …

Humanitarian Relief, https://bit.ly/2KWCeF1. 5 Wahhabism refers to a particular strand of Sunni Islam originating

The Shifting Foundations of Political Islam in Algeria

IFRI · 3 May 2019 English

Understanding Algeria’s various Islamist communities—including militant groups, moderate factions, and grassroots movements—offers a window into the country’s uncertain sociopolitical future. The Shifting Foundations of Political Islam in Algeria Download 0.79 …

la nébuleuse salafiste” [An investigation of Wahhabism in Algeria: in the heart of the Salafist nebula]

الارتحال السياسي في مصر: "لو مش عاجبك، روح ...."

CEIP · 1 May 2019 Swedish

ملخّص: يواجه المنفيون المصريون صعوبات جمّة في عيشهم في الخارج ومحاولة العودة إلى وطنهم. وفي ظل القمع المستمر للحكومة، يجدون أنفسهم أمام خيارات مؤلمة تتعلق بمستقبلهم.

https://www.sabrangindia.in/article/how-saudi-wahhabism-spread-hatred-non-muslims-egypt 9 https://openknowledge

Egypt’s Political Exiles: Going Anywhere but Home

CEIP · 29 March 2019 English

Egyptian exiles have faced stark difficulties in living abroad and trying to return home. Amid the government's consistent repression, they face painful choices about their future.

https://www.sabrangindia.in/article/how-saudi-wahhabism-spread-hatred-non-muslims-egypt https://arabi21

The ‘Conservative Turn’ in Indonesian Islam: Implications for the 2019 Presidential Elections

IFRI · 19 March 2019 English

Despite Indonesia’s reputation for a traditionally moderate brand of Islam, religious conservativism is gaining considerable political traction in the lead up to this April’s presidential election. During the campaign for …

Islamic radical ideologies like Salafism and Wahhabism, Islamism, and knowledge about a Caliphate system “scripturalist” strand of Salafi Islam associated with Wahhabism and Middle Eastern Islam is on the rise, particularly

‘New’ Malaysia: Four key challenges in the near term

Lowy Institute for International Policy · 14 March 2019 English

Key Findings Malaysia’s new government will need to deal with several key issues in the next 12 months to establish itself as a ‘change and reform’ administration, namely the Malay/Bumiputra …

Iran and promote ultraconservative Islam — Wahhabism and/or Salafism. Thousands of young Malaysians and other parts of the Middle East to study Wahhabism/Salafism and its intolerant and There is nothing

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