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Western Asia, also West Asia, is the westernmost subregion of Asia. It is entirely a part of the Greater Middle East. It includes Anatolia, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Mesopotamia, the Levant region, the island of Cyprus, the Sinai Peninsula, and partly Transcaucasia. The region is considered to be separated from Africa by the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt, and separated from Europe by the waterways of the Turkish Straits and the watershed of the Greater Caucasus. Central Asia lies to its northeast, while South Asia lies to its east. Eight seas surround the region (clockwise): the Aegean Sea, the Black …



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Renewable energy, energy access

(ECLAC) • United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) • United Nations Economic Programme showed an increase of nearly USD 2 billion), Western Asia and Northern Africa (up by nearly USD 1 billion) Asia Latin America Northern Oceania Sub-Saharan Western Asia and and South- and the America and Africa and Eastern and South-eastern Asia Northern Africa and Western Asia Rest of the world Sub-Saharan Africa Source: Africa Rest of the world Northern Africa and Western Asia Central and Southern Asia Eastern and South-eastern

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Introduction The violence that has engulfed Gaza since October 2023 has led to the loss of over 35,091 Palestinian lives at the time of writing. [1] Most early assessments of …

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In the wake of the helicopter crash that tragically claimed the lives of President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iran finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with …

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Expanding women's employment in the private sector is imperative to increase female labor force participation in Mashreq countries. This knowledge brief identifies lessons learned from the IFC-led business case studies …

at Stake? Economic and Social Commission of Western Asia. Beirut, Lebanon. GIZ & Amman Chamber of Industry

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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia UNFPA United Nations Population Fund UNHCR

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The recently concluded contract between India and Iran, which gives New Delhi rights to invest in and operate the Shahid-Behesti terminal at Chabahar Port for another 10 years, has created …

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The global public sector healthcare workforce, including medical, administrative, and support staff, is central to the delivery of quality public health services. Effectively managing this workforce is conditional on sound …

education sectors in Asia Pacific, Africa, and Western Asia regions should be taken with caution, as they

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3ie Evidence Gap Map Report 33, 2024

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia UNSCN United Nations System Standing Committee (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia); https://doi.org/10.4060/cc2302en. Field, Martha

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Additionally, climate-related Failing to support the achievement of the full loss or change of livelihoods, as well as range of SRHR and prevention of GBV and displacement and migration, increase …

1111/risa.12767. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia [ESCWA] (2022). ESCWA in its annual Survey of despite. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia [ESCWA] and others (2021). Situation Report

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[37] p.

Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, ESCWA, Beirut Secrétaire exécutif de la Commission

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