American Public Transportation Association

Type Nonprofit
Website apta.com
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Year founded 1882
Location Washington D.C., DC United States of America United States of America

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APTA · 7 July 2021 English

Products are organized under the following categories: • Barriers, Shields and Protective Guards • Chemical Disinfectants • Contactless Payment Systems • COVID-19 Testing Kits and Contact Tracing Technology • Electronic …

APTA · 4 June 2021 English

Surface transportation program. [...] Transportation alternatives program. [...] Tribal transportation program. [...] Federal lands transportation program. [...] Public transportation safety program.

APTA · 26 March 2021 English

Database Credentials: In order to have access to the Committee’s electronic submission database, the Committee is requiring your office to identify to the Committee no more than three specific staff …

APTA · 10 March 2021 English

The Member’s website must contain the following information for each community project request submitted in FY 2022: • The proposed recipient and address of the recipient; • The amount of …

APTA · 27 January 2021 English

More than three in four businesses (76 percent) have seen a reduction in their transit industry business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. [...] Have you seen a reduction …

APTA · 30 October 2020 English

The higher elevations of the service area are in the east in Folsom and most of the service area is under 100 ft. [...] 2026 - - - - - …

APTA · 22 October 2020 English

APTA’s List of Capital Investment Grant Projects Eligible for Funding under H. [...] 925, The Heroes Act October 22, 2020 (in millions) CIG Project Project Date of Grant Total Total …

APTA · 20 October 2020 English

Upon the conclusion of the review, the peer review panel provides a summary of observations, findings and recommendations to the senior management of the requesting agency, and subsequently formalizes those …

APTA · 15 October 2020 English

Bulova helped found the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) commuter System Achievement rail line in 1988 and oversaw the massive redevelopment of Tyson’s Corner and the launch of the Silver Line. …

APTA · 15 September 2020 English

More than eight in 10 businesses (86 percent) have seen a reduction in their transit industry business as a result of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than …

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