Weapons Systems

A weapon, arm or armament is any implement or device that can be used with the intent to inflict damage or harm. Weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of activities such as hunting, crime, law enforcement, self-defense, and warfare. In broader context, weapons may be construed to include anything used to gain a tactical, strategic, material or mental advantage over an adversary or enemy target. While ordinary objects – sticks, rocks, bottles, chairs, vehicles – can be used as weapons, many are expressly designed for the purpose; these range from simple implements such as clubs, axes and …



7 June 2024 English

Israel and Hamas have been engaged in a conflict in the Gaza strip since October 7, 2023, when Hamas launched a surprise incursion into Israel killing more than one thousand …

transportation beyond tanks and ground- based weapons systems, (2) replenishing of weapons stockpiles for

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 30 May 2024 English

These victories led to the breakup of the Kyivan states, which remained under the dominion of the Golden Horde for a few centuries.10 It was during this period that the …

Oren Etzioni, ‘Pros and Cons of Autonomous Weapons Systems,’ Military Review, May–June 2017, at https://www May-June-2017/Pros-and-Cons-of-Autonomous-Weapons-Systems. 54 An autonomous flight is a flight which Military Perspectives and Strategic Reflections Weapons Systems and Escalation Concerns As per International be ‘adequate’ in around five categories of weapons systems. The adequate quantities related to Harpoon excludes the production of lethal autonomous weapons systems. The Act also provides for a Ramp-Up Fund to

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 29 May 2024 English

First, at the end of 2021, after intensive communication and consultation, China and the Philippines reached the “gentlemen’s agreement.” During the first few months of the current Philippine administration, both …

including electromagnetic compatibility, weapons systems, as well as takeoffs and landing of aircraft Sea prompted the US to deploy more advanced weapons systems to the Philippines and conduct high-profile

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 29 May 2024 English

Editor’s Note In a mammoth election year with almost half of the world’s population heading to the polls, the supranational European Union (EU) is also gearing for elections. While the …

including the US and Canada. 35 have been buying weapons systems off the shelf to satisfy immediate needs.

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 29 May 2024 English

The Modi era which began on the national stage in 2014 and looks set to con­tinue at least for the next five years, if present trends are anything to go …

5G, and 6G will augment the performance of weapons systems generating greater information dominance on

CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 28 May 2024 English

activities of great powers included within the NSG, Exploitation of the IAEA-Indian Nuclear with the US, China, and Russia all having Safeguards Agreement- A Case Study: The NSG undermined the …

Russian President Vladimir Russia has numerous weapons systems said Alberque, who believes Putin has ordered

CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 27 May 2024 English

Through this order, the IAF has shown its unwavering commitment to supporting the local drone startup ecosystem as part of its commitment to enhance the level of the local drone …

high-altitude drones and loitering munitions. Both weapons systems can fly to higher heights to drop a payload

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 24 May 2024 English

Introduction The need for forward-thinking Artificial Intelligence regulatory frameworks has never been more pressing. [1] As nations grapple with the dual imperatives of nurturing innovation and safeguarding public interest, policy …

as AI-powered cyber-attacks and autonomous weapons systems. The Mumbai and Tel Aviv Effect, applied to

DIIS: Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier · 22 May 2024 English

New report outlines the improvisation of the legion and tells the story of Danish volunteers

experience and introduce them to particular weapons systems or tactics’ (ILDU organiser, interview April

RSIS: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies · 21 May 2024 English

050 – 21 May 2024 The authors' views are their own and do not represent the official position of the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies of the S. [...] …

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