Fundamentalism usually has a religious connotation that indicates unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs. However, fundamentalism has come to be applied to a tendency among certain groups – mainly, although not exclusively, in religion – that is characterized by a markedly strict literalism as it is applied to certain specific scriptures, dogmas, or ideologies, and a strong sense of the importance of maintaining ingroup and outgroup distinctions, leading to an emphasis on purity and the desire to return to a previous ideal from which advocates believe members have strayed. Rejection of diversity of opinion as applied to these …

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from green transition to just transition for the Balkans After some time, the Green Agenda was adapted for the Western Balkans and adopted by WB states, and in 2020, with …

the world as my home, interventions. Market fundamentalism hence nature and all its properties) comes

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ىٍ أه ډٺبڅٍ ثٍ ثٍَٕٓ ي ياٽبيْ ځٶشمبن ځبويْ ثب ډلًٍٔاز ٭ايڇ هٚاًوز دَىاهشاٍ ډ ا سالٗ ثَ أه إز سب ثب سًػٍ ثٍ ؿبٍؿًة و٪َْ دْيَ٘ اػِاْ ځٶشمابن ځبوايْ …

citizenship-6276492/ Madan, T. N. (2011). Secularism and Fundamentalism in India: Modern Myth, Locked Minds. Second Wagner, Wolfgang. (2009). «Cultural Mechanics of Fundamentalism: Religion as Ideology, Divided Identities and

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The opinions expressed in the chapters are of course the responsibility of the authors. [...] An offer will be made to the different groups of the population to improve their …

actively live the Islam. They also commented on fundamentalism and the attitudes that go along with it, pointing

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come to this … [Education] is one of the biggest Party is going to be willing to hold the line on the Several of the reps criticized the UCP for …

health and strength of Ca- are fleeing war, fundamentalism prove the overall economy, prepare Glenn Finockio

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“Global Governance and the Structuring of Global Civil Society: The Field of Transnational Advocacy and the WTO,” RGK Center, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, Working …

1377-96. Hopewell, Kristen. 2017. “When Market Fundamentalism and Industrial Policy Collide: The Tea Party School of Economics, April 2018. “When Market Fundamentalism and Industrial Policy Collide: The Tea Party Annual Conference, September 2017. “When Market Fundamentalism and Industrial Policy Collide: The Tea Party

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Who Will Feed Us? New Farmer Perspectives on Agriculture for the Future WHO WILL FEED US? NEW FARMER PERSPECTIVES ON AGRICULTURE FOR THE FUTURE 1 Copyright 2021 by the National …

sovereignty rather than corporate profit and export fundamentalism • Develop national, provincial and municipal

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The act that is played out upon her is a message passed between men—vivid proof of victory for one and 8 Gender Ideologies: How Extremists Exploit Battles over Women’s Rights …

against women; On the other hand online Salafi fundamentalism ranges across the spectrum. Their (extremist) discursive regimes, including those of terrorism, fundamentalism, patriarchy, sexism and labour migration.”86

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India’s Approach to Border Management: From Barriers to Bridges

difficult as Bangladesh encouraged Islamic fundamentalism, allowed the presence of Pakistan’s Inter-Services

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With a reach of more than 17 countries in the region and in the We intend to pilot this manual in the form of a series regions of the Global …

You Share 36 > Connecting the Dots: Religious Fundamentalism, 73 > Staying Informed and Adding Value to Women (ARROW) 36 CONNECTING THE DOTS: Religious Fundamentalism, Gender Justice, Capitalism and Militarisation POST-SESSION • To understand how rise of religious fundamentalism • S lide presentations of all experts (who though commonly referred to as religious PROCESS fundamentalism, is intertwined with other political • Do a powerful political and patriarchal religious fundamentalism, capitalism, militarisation in concepts. It

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automation, big business, etc.—that decades of laissez faire economic policy (aka “free market fundamentalism”) have allowed. On the surface, the argument has some merit—the pre‐​pandemic labor force participation

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