Pan-Islamism (Arabic: الوحدة الإسلامية‎) is a political ideology advocating the unity of Muslims under one Islamic country or state – often a caliphate – or an international organization with Islamic principles. As a form of internationalism and anti-nationalism, Pan-Islamism differentiates itself from pan-nationalistic ideologies, for example Pan-Arabism, by seeing the ummah (Muslim community) as the focus of allegiance and mobilization, excluding ethnicity and race as primary unifying factors. It portrays Islam as being anti-racist and against anything that divides Muslims based on ethnicity.



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5 Within the citizens’ positionality, the focus is on analysing how the rhetorical attributes and the rhetorical context invoke a sense of belonging to the aspirational desire and a sense …

identity on Pakistani social media owing to the pan-Islamism and religious romanticism. Others have focused

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SWP Research Paper 2024/RP 03, March 2024, 31 Pages

Turkey [TEPAV], 2006), Pan-Islamism”, Survival: Global Politics and Strategy 56

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It aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and drive of a large number of experts to better inform policy and to increase the understanding of Afghan realities. [...] It …

Report, No 122. Link. Bezhan, Faridullah. 2014. ‘Pan-Islamism in Afghanistan in the Early Twentieth Century:

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Turkey is Israel's oldest friend in the Middle East -- and for a good part of their 74-year relationship, has been its closest one in the neighborhood. Despite occasional spats …

conservatives, the sultan represents the birth of pan- Islamism and the Ottoman Empire’s capacity to resist

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Therefore, the Medinan verses are to be read in the context of political circumstances of their times, whereas the Meccan verses as the phase when the basic tenents of the …

Faith 182 Jamal Al-Din Afghani: Exponent of Pan-Islamism 183 Muhammad Abduh: Neo-Mutazila Leader of Modern Swadeshi Movement and the Muslim League 334 Indian Pan-Islamism: Silk Letter Conspiracy and the Khilafat Movement and Armenia. Jamal Al-Din Afghani: Exponent of Pan-Islamism Jamal Al-Din Afghani (1839–97) was the founder ‘Islam’s reformists: Jamal al-Din al-Afghani and Pan-Islamism’, Daily Sabah, 19 December 2021, https://www ams-reformists-jamal- al-din-al-afghani-and-pan-islamism 37 Ahmed H. Al-Rahim, “Islam and Liberty”, Journal

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Two important questions need to be examined here: one, how did the Ottoman and Kemalist elites look at the world and what were the major determinants of the Ottoman and …

The Blue Homeland 69 Erdoğan’s Personality 70 Pan-Islamism 71 Neo-Ottomanism 73 External Relations 73 Relationship as the conceptual ideas of neo-Ottomanism and pan-Islamism. In addition to mapping the evolution of Turkish to power in 2003. The other two variables are pan-Islamism and neo- Ottomanism, which have at times guided policy is bringing the ideological component of pan-Islamism to reach out to the Muslim-majority countries serious regional and international isolation. Pan-Islamism The AKP emerged on the Turkish political scene

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The institutional structure of AAN includes a core team of analysts and a network of contributors with expertise in the fields of Afghan politics, governance, rule of law, security, and …

in Afghanistan and Bezhan, Faridullah. 2014. ‘Pan-Islamism in Turkistan in the Modern Period’, in Turko-Persia

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Carnegie Middle East scholars examine the factors that led to the conflict between Israel and Hamas—and what comes next.THE REGIONAL REPERCUSSIONS Marwan Muasher, vice president for studies Amid the horrible …

national security, policy of disengagement from pan- Islamism, and animosity toward political Islam. Iran’s

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The NWWW theory separates the role of the organization of the state from the role of the organizations of SBRs. [...] As in the case of SBRs, the success of …

Islam motto and the resurgence of Al Jihad under Pan-Islamism created serious conflicting sovereignty gaps for Islam and the resurgence of Al Jihad under Pan-Islamism and Al Mashrou Al Hadari. Al Tamkeen, which Islam, and the resurgence of Al Jihad under Pan-Islamism, largely in reaction to Western domination. bounded by Sudan’s territorial entity by a global pan-Islamism Al Jihad identity created serious conflicting

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Petersburg (Russia) Trajectories of Socialist Thought in the Autobiographies Papers: Olga Dovbysh, U of Helsinki (Finland) of Two Terrorists in the Russian Empire" "Environmental Journalism in Russia Before and After …

in St. Petersburg in the First Half of the "Pan-Islamism, Pan-Turkism, and the Threat of a Muslim 18th

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